The Hikers Ball is definitely a place for men and women. In this crazy world today when even a kiss is considered a problem in the media it is time to not follow but instead lead. Commenting on the news today and the general undertone that tries to tear apart men and women I just do not know what to say. It’s a circus out there in the news world. Do not let this media attempt to break you down and force you to stay away from each other. The Hikers Ball is real news and real fun. My God my ears cannot take it anymore. We are all not divided by Politics we are divided by propaganda and storytelling. We are forced to believe something, otherwise, be considered left out?  My suggestion is to fight back by coming together. Ask yourself are you satisfied in the direction of the world?  The goal is to split us all up, to make it impossible to find solutions, Fightback come together and push away misinformation and the methods that divide us all.

hikers ball
information needed for the Hikers Ball