Final checklist for Hikers Ball

Well, all I can say is this Hikers Ball will be pretty nice. I unfortunately between my roofing business and shopping for so many things for The Hikers Ball has left me without an outfit. Uggh, there have definitely been some distractions in planning this Gala event. Turnout has been up and down. People have said its too expensive, others have said family obligations etc. Blah blah blah. As the creator of the event and one who sees how successful this could turn out to be in years to come I have to say ” Oh well”. I expect about 100 -125 people and we will have a great time. I suppose I was far too ambitious renting a place that can handle 225 people. The Woman’s Club is a truly Grand Place. The acoustics are perfect and with the band elevated on a stage, it should bring a pleasant dance environment. The caterer has been select as Gio’s 

A tradition in the making  2nd annual

Giovannis Food
Wow good yelp rating

Giovanni’s of Fairlawn on Morlot Ave.a look at the meatballs at the hiker’s ball

So all is in place although I still have to pick-up the napkins and work out the goody bags and the Calendars. I expect the Calendars to be available for the ball and they will cost $20 each I ordered then with the thought in mind that people would enjoy them and everyone was a good sport. I would have liked to have planned things better but we made it to press. Now the question, can anyone stand to look at these pics for 12 months?

As I was writing this our photo screen showed up and I have not opened the box yet and I think that I will hold off until the day of so you might be standing in front of something odd if the shipped it wrong.

The Ball Checklist 

Another event list used


In a crazy world!

The Real Hikers Ball 2017

The Hikers Ball is definitely a place for men and women. In this crazy world today when even a kiss is considered a problem in the media it is time to not follow but instead lead. Commenting on the news today and the general undertone that tries to tear apart men and women I just do not know what to say. It’s a circus out there in the news world. Do not let this media attempt to break you down and force you to stay away from each other. The Hikers Ball is real news and real fun. My God my ears cannot take it anymore. We are all not divided by Politics we are divided by propaganda and storytelling. We are forced to believe something, otherwise, be considered left out?  My suggestion is to fight back by coming together. Ask yourself are you satisfied in the direction of the world?  The goal is to split us all up, to make it impossible to find solutions, Fightback come together and push away misinformation and the methods that divide us all.

hikers ball
information needed for the Hikers Ball

Trail Shrinks dance too.

We want you to dance with us at the hikers ball and this is our mission statement as a group.

Mission Statement for The Hikers Ball:

All married, singles, and couples shall drink, eat, and be merry on the night after Thanksgiving every year for the quest for life and the search for solutions to living that benefit all.

Trail Shrinks
We are trail shrinks that are open-minded and outspoken. 

Trail Shrinks Mission Statement:

“To bring people together for a closer relationship with friends, family, co-workers, and lovers past, present, and future. Our goal is to bring people together, to provide a safe and fun event for married couples and single people seeking friends or a relationship. Trail Shrinks are special people that reach across cultures, genders, religions, lifestyles, and political beliefs. Our mantra is “let’s talk about it” there is no solution without talking and listening. We are a controversial group because we stand together indifferently and peacefully.”

NJ Singles Dance November 24, 2017

hikers ball

Searching for a better singles dance is really hard . That is because you should not have only singles dances that exclude couples but in fact welcome everyone. Lets face it, no matter where you go if its a singles dance its the same old thing and it seems like everyone is desperate. This is not the way it is at the Hikers Ball because there are married and couples there and they are a great example for your future. Do you want to live in a singles world the rest of your life?

Don’t be single forever, meet someone at the Hikers Ball

We are a hiking group called Trail Shrinks and once a year we hold a dance. The crowd is 75% single people but we also have married people and couples attending. This is a once a year semi-formal event that is for people that have a quest for life. That want to hike or are just hoping to be outdoor people.

hikers ball
  information needed for the Hikers Ball
NJ Singles Dance
This man may be at the singles dance that is not a singles dance.

Who should go? You should go if you want to meet healthy people that behave like adults. Our members enjoy live music, great food and dancing. If you do not dance its fine. You will enjoy the vibe. Make sure you check out our menu and cash bar prices. The hikers are the core of the attendees and this year we have invited other groups to attend as well. We intend to make this yearly event a good wholesome community event and it will happen every year. Please dress appropriately.

Please come and enjoy this event and start to hike for a healthier life. You can join our group and sign up for the hike here